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Educational Resources for Cataracts



As a patient with cataracts, it’s important to understand what cataracts are and what your options are to regain clearer, cataract-free vision. If you’re considering surgery for your cataract treatment, below are educational resources and patient testimonial videos that may help you better understand the different procedures — including what to expect before and after cataract surgery.


Educational Videos

Eye-Yah! Video Series Episode 1


The first episode of this video series features a doctor who provides advice on the types of intraocular lens (IOL), how to choose a lens right for you and when to go for cataract surgery. It also features a patient who has undergone cataract surgery with a Monofocal Plus IOL and is now able to see life more vibrantly.


Eye-Yah! 原来世界是那么精彩!Ep.1

Eye-Yah! Video Series Episode 2


The second episode of this video series features a doctor who touches on the importance of early diagnostic and how patients play a role in selecting the right intraocular lens (IOL) for themselves.


Eye-Yah! 原来世界是那么精彩!Ep.2

Eye-Yah! Video Series Episode 3


The last episode of this video series features a patient implanted with the most recent and advanced continuous range of vision (CRV) intraocular lens and her postoperative life. It also features her doctor who addresses questions about the latest treatment options available and considerations for different options.


Eye-Yah! 原来世界是那么精彩!Ep.3