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Laser-assisted vs. traditional surgery

In order to remove your cataract, your natural lens must be removed. Your doctor can access the clouded lens using one of two methods: manual or laser-assisted.

Laser System Procedure

  • Precision removal
  • Planned with a 3-D blueprint of your eye
  • Incisions made with a laser

Manual procedure

  • Basic removal
  • Planned with measurements of your eye
  • Incisions made with a blade


You and your doctor may decide laser surgery is your best treatment option, considering the specific condition of your cataracts. With laser-assisted cataract surgery, your surgeon uses the laser to create a tiny incision in your eye to soften and break up the cataract. Next, your surgeon will suction out the cataract pieces and insert your new IOL. 


Visual of the eye showing how an intraocular lens (IOL) replaces the natural lens during cataract surgery
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Choosing the lens for your lifestyle

There are a variety of eye lenses designed for different conditions and lifestyles, and each is built to help keep your vision clear and sharp over time. 

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